Meanwhile in Florida: Drunk Man Steals Bulldozer to Knock Down Biden-Harris Signs, Not Exactly Stealth

Political yard signs can be annoying – especially if they’re for the party you oppose. But that doesn’t give you the right to get drunk, steal a bulldozer, and dig up your neighbors’ yard to remove them.

Where did we get such an outrageous idea? From real life, of course, because this is 2020 and anything can happen, especially in Florida. Twenty-six-year-old James Blight of Haines City allegedly got blasted on whiskey, trespassed on a construction site, rode away on a bulldozer, and plucked Biden-Harris yard signs from the lawns of homes in a predominantly black neighborhood.

But wait! There’s more. Blight also knocked down a fence, rammed a speed-limit sign, and cursed out bystanders. In other words, just another day for a Trump supporter.

When police confronted Blight, he said, “I’ve been drinking whiskey all day and don’t remember what happened.”

(You gotta love that the guy can’t even take responsibility for the destruction his politically-inspired, racist rampage caused. Reminds us of a certain president…)

“It’s absurd that a grown man could think he had the right to destroy someone else’s property based on a difference in political opinion. The fact that he was driving this heavy equipment, that he did not know how to operate, down busy roads could have been disastrous. We’re thankful that no one was hurt in this matter,” said the Chief of Police, Jim Elensky, in a statement.

But people were hurt – just not physically.

“What happened here was a hate crime and I will be following up,” said Adam Burgess, former vice mayor of Haines City, whose property was harmed in the incident.

Blight was charged with trespassing on a construction site, grand theft, and criminal mischief of $1,000 or more. After Blight was arrested, one family affected by his wackadoodle actions doubled down in protest of his actions – by planting 20 more Biden-Harris signs.

If there is any justice in this story, it’d be if Blight ended up stuck in jail through Election Day and couldn’t cast his ballot. Unlikely, perhaps, but a Biden-Harris supporter can hope…

Cover Photo: Bay News 9

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