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Meanwhile in Florida: Mother of the Year Drives Getaway Car After Son Commits Robbery

Remember the days of yesteryear, when your mom would pick you and your friends up from school, drive you to the video store and then take you all out for burgers and fries? Well, this story is kind of like that except instead of taking her son and his friends to Blockbuster, this Florida mom took them to, um, a robbery.

Amanda Meador is being charged with robbery with a firearm and child neglect after she drove the getaway car for her son and two of his friends after they robbed a local gas station. Meador’s son allegedly entered a Circle K store wearing a black ski mask and wielding a gun. After slipping a note to the person working the counter (no doubt because he saw a bad guy do that in a movie that his mom let him rent the weekend prior), the young man grabbed the cash out of the register and jumped back into the car, while his mom drove them away.

It didn’t take long for the police to apprehend both mother and son. In addition to the surveillance footage capturing the entire incident, police were also able to trace the fingerprints of the young man because he left the note at the store. Clearly, this mother-son duo are not criminal masterminds and they should probably just stick to spending their nights at the local Pizza Hut and Go-kart track.

Photo Credit: Ming Thein / mingthein.com (Getty Images)

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