Meanwhile In Florida: Dog Hijacks Car and Does Donuts For Over an Hour (Another Holiday Miracle!)

Neighbors on Florida’s Treasure Coast proclaimed it a Christmas miracle when Max the dog hijacked his owner’s sedan to spread holiday cheer. “He wiped out my mailbox,” neighbor Jimmy told Mandatory. “How could he know that I wanted a new mailbox? It’s incredible.” Max spent over an hour maneuvering the car in reverse, taking down old signs, mailboxes, and other yard debris that neighbors had been trying to get rid of for years. “At first, we thought it was one of Santa’s reindeer,” one resident said on condition of anonymity because she was wearing a muumuu, “But when we looked closer, we realized it was Florida dog! We all just gathered around and wept. It was so beautiful.”

Unfortunately, police didn’t agree and cut Max’s miracle joyride short when they gained access to the moving vehicle using the keycode on the passenger-side door. But not before the magic of Christmas had graced the denizens of Port St. Lucie once more. Celebrate all the animals decking the halls this year with these eight tales of magic.

Photo: walik (Getty Images)

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