Meanwhile in Florida: Man Saves Dog Snatched By Alligator, Anyone Else Getting ‘Happy Gilmore’ Flashbacks?

Florida man has struck again. Only this time his victim was an innocent 9-foot long alligator looking for a decent breakfast when Florida man decided he wasn’t having any of it.

Mike McCoy was walking his chocolate lab, Jake, near a Tampa pond when an alligator jumped out of the water and pulled the dog under. As the gator started churning the waters in a death roll, McCoy jumped into action without a moment’s hesitation.

Recalling some gator wrestling tips he learned in his spare time, McCoy dove into the water and delivered a devastating eye-jab to the creature. With the gator temporarily stunned, McCoy lifted him out of the water to prevent him from escaping. The gambit worked, forcing the reptile to open its jaws and drop Jake to the ground.

But with his mouth free and wide, the gator turned his attention to McCoy. The two continued wrestling with the gator biting both of McCoy’s hands before submitting to defeat and slinking back into the murky waters below.

“It’s a parent instinct,” McCoy told local news stations. “Had I not remembered what I read about the alligators, I wouldn’t have been able to respond as quickly to help Jake.”

Luckily, a middle school nurse happened to witness the whole thing and ran out to help bandage up Florida man and his dog. Though badly bitten, McCoy was able to drive himself to the hospital for further care and now the best friends are back home and on the mend.

Though alligator attacks are rare, this isn’t the first time a man has had to wrestle one in order to save his dog. In November, another Florida man wrestled a baby gator after it attempted to make off with his tiny dog Gunner. Needless to say, with these latest acts of heroism, Florida man is raising his esteem all around the country. At least with dogs.

Cover Photo: Justin Paget (Getty Images)

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