Meanwhile in Utah: Zoo Guest Wrestles Alligator After Handler Dragged Underwater (Video)

In the age of filters and CGI, rarely do we get to witness raw video of a normal person suddenly transform into a hero before our very eyes. But that’s what happens when a 5-year-old’s birthday party goes completely off the rails.

It happened at Scales and Tails, a reptile zoo in West Valley City when the evil Darth Gator (his real name) came out to perform his showstopping feats of daring. As trainer Lindsay Bull started feeding him during the act’s routine warm-up, Darth unexpectedly clamped down on her hand and wouldn’t let go. Things quickly spiraled out of control, literally, as Darth brought Bull into a death roll.

One of the party guests, Donnie Wisemen started yelling for help, but when no one came, he jumped into action. The Force was strong in him that day.

“This was just a 5-year-old birthday party,” Wiseman said. “We were just doing kid stuff,” which sometimes includes wrestling a nine-foot alligator before the ice cream cake is served.

Wiseman’s wife filmed the entire showdown, a controversial decision considering how close her husband came to being gator gobbled.

Check out the heartstopping action below while imagining yourself hugging a hangry 150-pound reptile from behind for two straight minutes.

While the trainer says Wiseman saved her life, he credits her with remaining calm and talking him through the whole ordeal, including telling him exactly when to perform the perfectly timed bail at the end. Either way, after dueling with Darth Gator we really hope Wiseman got a free mug from the gift shop. Or at least a fridge magnet.

Cover Photo: Tony Anderson (Getty Images)

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