Meanwhile in New York: Graphic Pizza Parlor Brawl Has It All (Soup Ladles and Burnt Crust For Weapons), Shows a Very Hangry Crowd (Hilarious Video)

If you want a pizza brawl with all the toppings, look no further. This fully loaded parlor fight had no holds barred, including ladle smacking and cash register head slams.

It happened at a popular late-night pizza spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn around 3 am when a few disgruntled patrons stepped behind the counter to have a few words. When words weren’t enough, the hefty trio of dudes let their fists do the talking. The ensuing mayhem went full royal rumble, with no fewer than six bodies seen moshing around the prep area with haymakers flying.

If you watch closely, you’ll notice the third patron hesitates to join the fracas, until he realizes his boys are badly outnumbered. At which point, he steps into the fray only to catch an errant elbow in the face and go down.

In a pizza parlor melee that would have made the Ninja Turtles proud, innocent bystanders watch in horror as they realize it might take a few extra minutes before they get their slices.

Ronnie Kabbani, the cinematographer behind the video, told police, “The guys in the back were like, ‘Please stay behind the counter,’ and then they came, they rushed them. Not really sure who threw the first punch… It was complete mayhem. It was like a Looney Tunes cartoon.”

Indeed, things got a little daffy. Check out the insanity below:


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While pizza lover Erind Prelvukaj was arrested and charged with assault, the real hero of the night was Cool-Headed-Guy-With-Ladle, whose composure and measured use of a soupy weapon can only be likened to the dagger fists of Bruce Lee.

One of the za slingers at Joe’s Pizza was taken to hospital with minor injuries, but thankfully, no pizzas were hurt during the incident.

Cover Photo: Instagram (@fresh-hot-pie)

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