You’ll Never Guess What City Was Just Named Best For Pizza in the U.S.

When you think of mouthwatering pizza, your mind likely wanders to those big, foldable New York slices or the heavenly deep-dish pies from Chicago. What you definitely don’t associate with the best ‘za in the United States is Portland, Oregon. But that’s about to change – or so say a pair of authors who have declared The City of Roses as the best pizza city in the country.

Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya have written the ultimate pizza tome titled Modernist Pizza about that Italian food we all know and love. It spans almost 1,700 pages across three volumes and covers pizza history, over 1,000 recipes, cooking techniques and tools – and the best places to get a slice.

For the book, which is scheduled for an October release, the authors sampled pies at 250 pizzerias…and came to the surprising conclusion that Portland was the destination for those cheesy circular masterpieces we can’t stop stuffing our faces with.

“We knew Portland had undergone a foodie Renaissance of sorts in the last 20 years. But I didn’t particularly think that pizza was going to be as good there as many [other] places,” Myhrvold told CNN. He name-dropped two of his favorite venues, Apizza Scholls and Ken’s Artisan Pizza, as examples of excellence, but added, “There’s just a huge, vibrant community of people making great pizza” in Portland.

Yeah, yeah, but…really? Portland as the pizza capital of the U.S.? We’ll believe it when we experience it for ourselves. Pizza-tasting road trip, anyone?

Cover Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)