Meanwhile in Italy: 3-Minute Pizza Vending Machine in Rome Is Making Cheesy Dreams Come True

Photo: picture alliance (Getty Images)

We live in a hustle and bustle world, to put it bluntly. Nobody has time in 2021 to stand around (or sit around) and wait long periods of time for food to be prepared. Our busy lives demand hot, delicious food to be ready when we are. We order a pizza and expect it to arrive in 30 minutes or less, but we’re hopeful that a crispy, cheesy, saucy meal will be at our doorstep even quicker. How does three minutes sound?

That’s exactly the amount of time it takes to get a piping hot, crispy, authentic Italian-style pizza. The only problem is that it comes from a vending machine and it’s in Rome, Italy.

Photo: picture alliance (Getty Images)

But, if you have plans to visit Italy in the near future, look out for the Mr. Go machine in Rome’s Nomentano district. It’s located between the University of Roma LA Sapienza and the Villa Torlonia, It’s bright red and, instead of the usual soft drinks or snacks, it serves up thin-crust pizza. All in less than five minutes.

It makes four different types of pizza. And, you should know this isn’t your favorite meat-lovers or Hawaiian-style pie. It comes in classic, Italian flavors like margherita, four cheese, spicy pizza alla diavola, and pancetta. The best part? The cost is between $5.50 and $7.30 U.S. dollars.

The machine first popped up on April 1 and has already crafted more than 1,000 pizzas since. So, it’s safe to say this pizza vending machine is a hit. Let’s hope they decided to bring one to the U.S. soon.

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