Meanwhile in Las Vegas: This Cake Vending Machine Says There’s an Easy Reception For Celebrating the Biggest Regret of Your Life


Vending machines are everywhere in America. From gas stations to grocery stores and randomly situated in the middle of dimly lit parking lots. Soda, chips, snacks, there’s even a pizza vending machine in Italy that we hope to patronize at some point in our lives. While they’re everywhere in the US, they’re usually pretty boring in general. Most serve up the same sodas and snacks from Temecula to Tampa as long as you have a few quarters or (in more recent years) a credit card to swipe or scan. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a vending machine with ancient sandwiches, salads, or harder-to-find snack foods. In most cases, this is the pinnacle of the vending machine world. That is unless you’re visiting Las Vegas any time soon.

That’s because, apparently, there’s a vending machine serving up delicious-looking slices of rich, sweet, moist cake in Sin City. It was revealed on Instagram recently by LA Weekly News reporter Isai Rocha who goes by @izzy_serious on the social media platform.


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The former Foodbeast writer came across the cake vending machine at Harrah’s Casino. The vending machine is Carlo’s Bake Shop Express. If you don’t recognize that name, it’s the bakery owned and operated at Buddy Valastro who was made famous on TLC’s Cake Boss.

The vending machine works like any you’ve ever used. You simply pay, select the slice of cake you want (this machine has six different flavors) and the machine slides it on a rail that brings it down to you. Then, all you need to do is crack it open and enjoy the velvety, sweet, crumbly flavors. Now that’s what we call a vending machine.


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