Students Pig Out On Bacon Vending Machine At Ohio State

Photo: Paul Taylor (Getty Images)

Vending machines are nothing new. If you live in a city anywhere in the world, it’s hard to go a full day without seeing a vending machine somewhere. At work, there’s a vending machine that sells, drinks, chips, and sandwiches that couldn’t possibly still be fresh. In recent years, vending machines have become even more gimmicky with freshly-made pizza and even Capri Sun-esque whisky pouches. But, a vending machine at Ohio State has brought the fad to a whole new, crispy, savory, and salty level.

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That’s because there’s a bacon vending machine on the Ohio State campus in Columbus, Ohio. I know what you’re saying: “Let’s get in the car and drive there immediately.” But, that’s really not necessary because as cool as it might seem, you can actually cook bacon in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Crazy, right?

But, if you happen to live in Columbus or really want to take a road trip, you really can find a bacon vending machine on campus. Sponsored by the Ohio Pork Council, the machine is located at the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences. It’s so popular that it has to be constantly re-stocked multiple times throughout the day.

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For only $1, you can get cooked strips of bacon or bacon bits to add to a salad or just eat on their own if you’re into having overly greasy fingers for the foreseeable future. Proceeds from the bacon’s sale will go to the Meat Science program at the university. But, you need to act fast because the machine will only be there through Dec. 13.

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