Ladies Love Intelligence: How To Date Like Einstein

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A new study found intelligence is sexy, proving once again that looks aren’t everything when it comes to falling in love.

The scientific report, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, suggests women are more attracted to smart men. Using a plethora of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, researchers found physically attractive women were more likely to marry brainiacs. 

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Since the study highlights the desirability of an intelligent partner, we’ve enlisted the help of two dating experts to help you pull this off.

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Confidence Is Key

“Confidence and self-awareness are one of the biggest hallmarks of intelligence,” says Eugénie Legendre, the trends expert at dating app happn. According to Legendre, “When you believe in yourself, it shows, and other people can pick up on self-doubt, which makes you appear less intelligent to them.” Fair enough.

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Make Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact projects a sense of confidence. It also shows you’re paying attention to the person you’re with. Legendre also says varying your volume and speed while speaking will help accomplish this. “Less is always more, too,” Legendre says. “Using big words can make you seem arrogant, so stick to what you know best.”

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Manners Cost Nothing

This seems like obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people ruin a date by coming across as rude. Ezgi, the in-house expert at dating app Once, says it’s important to “be polite and courteous, avoiding the use of slang and innuendos.” Steer clear from cringe-worthy lines and the urge to list the many nicknames you have for your anatomy.

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Get Inquisitive

Ezgi also suggests you “ask open questions about the other person’s education, career, interests and life goals.” Not only will this show that you’re actually interested in getting to know the person, but it’ll also help the conversation flow.

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Dress To Impress

It goes without saying that you should always make the effort to clean up nicely. Wearing something that reflects this in your profile pictures and expresses your personality will go a long way. Happn’s Legendre says, “Dressing for success will definitely make you look accomplished and intelligent, which will, in turn, attract a more desirable crush.”

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Be Passionate

Lastly, Once’s expert Ezgi suggests showing off your ambition by sharing something that you are passionate about, such as a hobby, favorite writer, or television show. Ezgi explains, “This will appeal to women who are frustrated with the obsessive ‘swipe society’ culture and are looking for someone who is inspirational and intelligent.” 

Got any surefire dating tips of your own? Don’t keep them to yourself, share them below!