Avoid Inappropriate Costumes And Slay Halloween

Photo: Yandy & Halloweencostumes.com

Every Halloween, there’s at least one face-palm-inducing story about inappropriate costumes. Last year it was Yandy’s pregnant Kylie Jenner which they called “Reality Star In The Making.” This year Yandy stunned with a sexy The Handmaid’s Tale costume they chose to name “Brave Red Maiden.”

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Although the Kylie Jenner costume is still available, Yandy pulled The Handmaid’s Tale costume after a wave of backlash. Technically, you can wear whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be negative reactions. Halloween costumes like these minimalize very real issues facing people, specifically women, at this time. Societally, we frown upon wearing blackface or dressing as a disabled person. So trivializing the hardships of others, specifically women, isn’t a costume, it’s tasteless.

Photo: Fotostorm (Getty Images)

If you find yourself wondering if you’re bordering on offensive, you probably are. There’s no reason you should need to put down anyone else to impress. So why do we try this when it comes to Halloween?

In case you’re still not sure, we can spell it out. Cross-dressing to get a laugh is transphobic. Blackface is racist. Sexualizing children or children’s characters is creepy. Fat suits or costumes that body shame are hurtful to just about anyone with self-image issues. Minimalizing women, especially in the light of the #metoo movement is insane. Halloween costumes that mock people’s struggles aren’t creative; they’re insensitive and they’re mean.

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On that note, just say no to cultural stereotypes. Cultural appropriation is defined as: “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.” If you’re white, avoid dressing as President Obama (even if you love him), nix Dia de Los Muertos face paint, and just say no to dressing as a character of color like Moana.

No, being one-sixteenth Lakota does not give you a pass to dress up as 'Sexy Poke-a-hontas.' Sorry. Yes, this includes Disney princesses, even if the characters themselves are adults. Why even ask that?'Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don't you take a seat right over there?'People have enough of an uphill battle without your costume telling them they're punchlines or monsters. Don't be a dick.No, you can't, but for purposes of this thought exercise we will ask.Making bad-faith political arguments in a context where it's impossible to debate you is not what Halloween is for. That's what bumper stickers are for.Yes, this includes drag unless you also drag on non-Halloween days.Also, please invite us to this party.You do know pirates were never sexy, right? You ARRRRRR aware?If it's meaningful to you, why wear it on Halloween? If it isn't meaningful to you, why wear it at all?

Last year, Halloweencostumes.com sold an Anne Frank costume. This should go without saying, but no one should dress as a Holocaust victim. The same goes for victims of tragedies like 9-11 or mass shootings. Mocking tragedies is tasteless, and the people affected by them deserve respect.

Have you been offended by an inappropriate costume? Do you think policing costumes is pointless? Let us know in the comments!