Woman Joins OnlyFans After Boyfriend Calls Her Unattractive, Makes $45K a Month (Getting Rich Is the Best Revenge)

What’s the best way to get revenge on an ex? Sleep with their best friend? Lose a bunch of weight and flaunt your new, hot bod on social media? Forget about them and create a happy life for yourself? We can’t say for sure which method is best, but one woman went about getting revenge is a brilliant – and lucrative – way.

Her name is Willow Sky and she’s a model from Essex, England. At one point, her ex-boyfriend insulted her by saying, “No one would ever find her attractive.”

The comment stung. As she told Jam Press, “It’s very hard when the one person you’re always trying to impress, look your best for, and want to be most comfortable and confident around is the one pushing you back and doing the complete opposite.”

We don’t know what kind of foggy goggles this guy was looking through, but his assertion is blatantly untrue. Sky is a fox. But she doesn’t need us to validate her. She has OnlyFans to do that.

Following the split from her A-hole ex, she launched an OnlyFans account.

“I joined because I’ve always been interested in the industry but never knew how to get involved,” Sky said. “My friend told me about the site so I signed up but was kind of skeptical as I felt like a small fish in a big pond.”

There may be plenty of fish in that sea, but some stand out.


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Sky now makes $45K a month showing off her so-called unattractive self to thousands of male fans. She also has a new long-term partner.

So that settles it: the best revenge isn’t sleeping with someone else, losing weight, or being happy. It’s getting filthy fucking rich.

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