a motorcycle has caught fire after an accident and burns out completely

Meanwhile in Thailand: Woman Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s Motorcycle on Fire (Revenge Is a Dish Served Flamin’ Hot)

Breakups are rough. For many of us, they bring out the worst sides of ourselves, with a heavy dose of intense emotions. But for most, a good bitch session with our buddies will calm the anger and keep us from doing anything malicious towards our exes. Sure, we may e-stalk them forever, but we won’t actually confront them, much less cause them harm. That was not the case for a 36-year-old woman in Bangkok, Thailand, however.

Her name is Kanok Wan. She was so upset that her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t get back together with her that she doused her boyfriend’s Triumph motorcycle in gasoline, then lit it on fire. Not only did this beaut of a bike go up in flames but six other motorcycles were also scorched beyond recognition.

The Triumph was a gift she gave to him before the breakup (lucky guy). We don’t what he did to mess this relationship up, but we wonder if he regrets the split now that he’s down one motorcycle. Maybe couples counseling would’ve been worth it? Or maybe falling in love with pyromaniacs is always a bad idea. One thing’s for sure: revenge is a dish best served hot. Flamin’ hot.

Cover Photo: crossbrain66 (Getty Images)



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