Weird News: Woman Bumps Into Supposedly Dead Ex-Boyfriend, Who Doubles Down By Calling in Dead to Work

Some people will do anything to avoid an awkward break up with, but we never considered faking our death. According to The Mirror, a woman, Rachel, had been dating the chef of a local restaurant until he asked to borrow some money and then disappeared. At first, she thought her former boyfriend had just moved away or gone to rehab. But then, the man’s mother messaged Rachel to tell her that her son had died.

Just as she returned to her regular life, she saw her ex (very much alive and well) cooking at the very same restaurant. Confused and probably a little creeped out, she tried to confront him but was eventually asked to leave because she was making a scene. The chef was eventually fired from the restaurant, most likely for calling in dead to work shortly after. Perhaps it’s time this gentleman gets some fresh material. And while it may appear to be a dick move, we commend the commitment it takes to make people assume you’re still dead. At least he didn’t break up with her over via text message.

Cover Photo: AntonioGuillem (Getty Images)

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