The Fine Art of ‘Taking A Short Break’ Without Screwing Your Relationship

Some people (you know the type) initiate “soft breakups” anytime there’s a chance they can score with someone else. Their logic is that if they’re “on a break” with their partner, they’re free to sleep around. (We’re guessing their partner wouldn’t agree.) It’s a shitty move, but it’s also one that basically allows you to get away with cheating. Even if you don’t want to cheat, and you just need a break, hey, we get it, relationships are hard. Pulling off the ‘let’s-take-a-break’ move is not for amateurs, however, so pull up a chair and learn something that’ll change your life (but probably not your relationship) for the better.

Photo: Mixmike (Getty Images)

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Do you employ any of these tactics? Will you now that you have some idea how to manage a break? Let us know in the comments!