Expectation vs. Reality: How Long You Should Wait Before Hitting These Major Relationship Milestones

It might seem like dating is moving faster than ever thanks to all the apps connecting us with eligible partners at the tap of a screen, but a new study shows that couples move slower than you’d think. Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 602 Americans and 408 Europeans about their relationship timelines and found that when it comes to milestones, the ideal timeline of single people is different from that of the actual timeline of currently committed people. Specifically, we all want to progress through the dating game more quickly than most of us do. On the road to happily ever after (or at least not miserably single forever), how quickly should you jump from one stage to the next? Today, we’re breaking down expectations versus reality on major relationship goal posts. Pump those breaks and you just might go the distance.

Cover Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images)

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