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The Justin Timberlake Guide to Pretending Like Nothing Bad Just Happened in Your Relationship

In every long-term relationship, there comes a point where you realize you want to be with that person forever. Then there comes another point where you also realize you want to be with someone else. Professional raconteur Justin Timberlake recently found himself in some such situation when he was caught canoodling with his costar. Obviously, his wife Jessica Biel was not a fan of this. So much so that Timberlake even released a statement apologizing to her like a normal millennial man, via an Instagram post. However, since he’s Justin Timberlake, he’s going to get away with it and so can you. Keep reading to learn how to navigate the changing tides of a long-term relationship without having to cry a river.

Photo: Jeff Vespa / Contributor (Getty Images)

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Have you or someone you know had to pretend your way out of a rough spot in your relationship? Let us know what worked so that we can help others avoid the responsibility of their actions.

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