The Top 10 Cities For Cheaters (And How They Got So Damn Unfaithful)

Now that winter’s here, you may find yourself struggling to stay faithful, according to data compiled by Ashley Madison for their winter wanderlust list. The list uses last year’s winter sign-up data to identify which U.S. cities cheat the most once temperatures drop. Jersey City, New Jersey, tops the list, taking home the title of most unfaithful American city. Seven California cities appear on the list, with Anaheim, Long Beach, and Santa Ana as the Golden State’s most adulterous cities. The Southwest rounded out the list of cheaters with Irving and Garland, Texas, as well as newcomer Scottsdale, Arizona. Now that we know who’s on the list, we’ve crunched the data to tell you why they’re there.

Photo: Prostock-Studio (Getty Images)

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Do you call one of these cheater cities home? If so, are you as unfaithful as the numbers indicate? Let us know if you disagree in the comments! 

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