Women in Wyoming (And Bordering States) Can Now Go Topless in Public, Finally

While America continues to evolve and puts aside centuries-old decrees written by old white men, the battle for equality is slowly relenting. NBC has reported that Colorado, Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and, yes, even Wyoming, are no longer legally able to ban women from appearing topless in public. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals of Fort Collins, Colorado, upheld a federal judge’s conclusion that the law banning women from going topless amounted to unconstitutional discrimination. The law was based on “negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts, but not men’s breasts, as sex objects,” the court said. The ban has been lifted and the law has been formally removed from its public nudity statutes, a decision that echoes throughout the Rocky Mountain region. What the court forgot to mention was that these states, especially Wyoming, are almost always freezing so neither male nor female wants to be exposed that much anyway. Still, it’s nice to know they can be if they choose to be. That’s what we call justice.

Photo Credit: Russel Monk (Getty Images)

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