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Brave Man Leaves Loud-Chewing Family to Keep His Own Sanity

Sometimes your family is too much and you have to distance yourself from them to keep your cool. Their constant nagging, arguments, and judgmental attitudes drive you crazy. In the case of 41-year-old Derrol Murphy, it was the sound of his family chewing food that made him lose it and leave them behind. He hasn’t spoken to his family in four years because he suffers from misophonia, a condition where various sounds trigger emotional responses. The sound of chewing was so disturbing to Murphy, he’d even walk out on dates. If you suffer from misophonia, maybe wear some earplugs when you go out to dinner. If not, you may just find yourself on an island of solitude because you can’t stand the sound of people enjoying food. Unless, that is, you’re like Murphy and are OK with sitting at the dinner table by yourself for the rest of your life.

Photo: Kelvin Murray (Getty Images)

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