Fake It Till You Make It (To Jail): 8 Biggest Frauds In American History

America was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the working man – and a bunch of brazen frauds who chased the dream by lying through their teeth. In the land of opportunity, where fresh starts are handed out more freely than dollar bills at a strip club, it’s easy to get caught up in visions of grandeur.

We all break the rules from time to time to get what we want, but these eight individuals made bucking the system a lifestyle. Fascinating, awe-inspiring, hilarious, and sinister, these American legends took con-artistry to new heights before landing themselves in the “big house.” So the next time someone advises you to “fake it till you make it,” just remember not to fake it too far.

Cover Photo: Allison Leach (Getty Images)

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