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No, A Dead Body Doesn’t Count As a Passenger For the Carpool Lane

We’ve all cheated from time to time, using the carpool lane when we’re not supposed to be in it. Some of us have even used dummies in the passenger seat to sit in as our guest for the ride. But one bold hearse driver thought he could use a dead body in a coffin and the highway patrol wasn’t having it.

The Nevada Highway Patrol pulled over a hearse that was traveling in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane when it had no one in the passenger seat. When questioned about why he did such a thing, the driver of the hearse pointed to the dead body in the back of his car and asked, “He doesn’t count?” Seems reasonable.

Unfortunately for the driver (and his dead buddy), the patrolman informed him a passenger must be living and breathing in order to count as someone for the carpool lane. That’s some damn fine print if you ask us. Nowhere on our driver’s test did it say the remains of a person you never knew before they were embalmed didn’t count towards going around traffic.

We realize this may be disappointing. But if you’re driving a hearse and have a payload to deliver, we won’t hold it against you if you assume they’re a legitimate passenger. Anybody would think that way.

Photo: Matthew1983 (Getty Images)

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