11 Dead TV Characters We’ve Cried and Died Inside Over

Crafting a good character takes patience, prowess, and a mighty fine pen. Killing a good character takes a sadistic demeanor that demands tears, gasps, and sometimes even screams from your audience. Mixed feelings aside (damn you George R.R. Martin), mourning a beloved character changes you. It forces you to grieve in some unforeseen ways: binge eating, rewatching, maybe a bender or two? All the while wondering how a fictional character could have such a profound effect on your ability to function.

We’re adults, and being an adult means reminding yourself, “It’s  just a show, I’m not going to think about it anymore.” But we never forget. Here’s just a handful of characters we may never forgive the writers for giving the ax and leaving us in disrepair. Spoilers most definitely follow…and maybe residual tears.

Cover Photo: HBO

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