Woman Avoids DUI By Drunk-Driving Toy Truck, Proves Stupidity Can Still Be Original

Driving drunk is one of the worst things you can do…unless you do so with a Power Wheels vehicle, in which case, you’ll probably avoid DUI charges like this lady did. A 25-year-old South Carolina woman named Megan Holman was recently too intoxicated to drive a real car so she commandeered a Power Wheels toy truck instead. (And we’re terribly jealous because we didn’t have one as a kid.)

Local police received reports of suspicious activity before Holman was pulled over. Or maybe her ride ran out of battery life and they just walked up to her. Either way, she was booked and her truck was probably impounded in a storage closet somewhere. Holman was clearly tanked while operating her vehicle but authorities decided not to hit her with the driving-under-the-influence charge. They instead booked her on public intoxication because, well, they have to get her for something, don’t they?

In all seriousness, you shouldn’t drive anything when you’ve pounded a few too many. Obviously, you can avoid more serious charges if you drive something built for someone five times smaller than you, but you can’t escape the long arm of the law. They’ll catch up with you, especially if your ride only goes three miles per hour.

Photo: Zave Smith (Getty Images)

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