Drunk Guy Barrels Into Cockpit, Swiftly Gets Booted Off Plane

Photo: David McNew (Getty Images)

Listen, we’ve been there: quivering in fear when our phones are about to go black, cutting the ties to our mindless scrolling through social media. But even in last moments of battery, most airlines will still recommend you don’t drunkenly storm the cockpit of a commercial flight to recharge. One extraordinarily drunk guy aboard an IndiGo flight earlier this week forgot this while belligerently storming the pilot’s cabin, just before getting booted off the plane.

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According to a story from Business Standard, a 35-year-old man was determined to get his phone charged when aboard the IndiGo flight. His phone battery was running low, and he apparently thought it was a good idea to barge into the cockpit to plug it in like the flight crew didn’t have better things to do.

Didn’t anyone tell this guy they have chargers at the seats now?

Ultimately, the passenger was kicked off the plane before takeoff and turned over to local authorities. The cops didn’t keep him long, though, because he was soon released on the basis that he didn’t commit an offense strong enough to press charges.

Turns out being a prick isn’t a crime.

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This airline can’t seem to get any good press. Just last week one of their planes literally had passenger gasping for air because the flight crew forgot to pressurize the cabin. Their ground vehicles aren’t so great either because around the same time one of their shuttle buses caught fire. Maybe when you’re booking a trip, you should look into another airline.

Between unruly passengers, depressurized cabins and flaming bus rides from hell, the chances of me doing some international traveling have become slim to none. Might as well just sit at home and keep reading articles on the internet.