Airline Passenger Goes to Extreme Lengths to Make Taking Your Shoes Off on Flights Acceptable

Planes are notoriously uncomfortable, but we rarely bother to do anything about it (other than bitch and moan). Eventually, we might splurge on a neck pillow, but we’d have to start traveling a lot more often to make that purchase worth it.

One airline passenger, however, has revealed the lengths she’ll go to just to enjoy a flight – and they’ll make your comfort measures look pathetic in comparison.

Her TikTok handle is (appropriately) @wendygonewild. In a recent, now-viral video, she shows the world how she makes air travel less of a pain in the neck…and the legs.

The clip shows Wendy with her shoes and socks removed, her feet swaying in a sling wrapped around the tray table. She then displays a huge inflatable travel pillow with holes for her face and arms that make it cozier for napping.

@wendygonewild Come prepared when you travel on long flights. Makes a difference! #LinkBudsNeverOff #OREOBdayStack #WendyKarina075 #foryoupage #flights #plane ♬ Level Up – Ciara

“Always come prepared to rest on a plane flight four hours and over,” she captioned the vid, which has over 2 million views. “Come prepared when you travel on long flights. Makes a difference!”

While some on the social media platform thought these contraptions were clever, others were appalled.

“It should be a war crime for taking your shoes off on public transport,” one person commented.

“Um no Karen, put your shoes on this is not your house,” another quipped.

“I can smell the cheese through the phone,” someone else joked. “I’m moving seats if I’ve got to sit next to that.”

As long as you’re not interfering with your fellow passengers’ space – or sense of smell – all’s fair in air travel?

Cover Photo: TikTok



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