Drunk Maskless Passenger Headbutts Flight Attendant, News Headline Sounds Like Start of Really Bad Joke

In case you didn’t know, vodka and Covidiocy do not mix. As a reminder, we present you with 24-year-old Daniel Hendry. Upon traveling from Tenerife to Manchester aboard RyanAir, the newest member of the Covidiot Club refused to don his mask after consuming three-quarters of a rather large Smirnoff bottle. When asked by flight attendants to put his mask on, he began handing out headbutt sandwiches, forcing the crew and cabin into high alert.

As the crew attempted to calm him down, Hendry was heard to remark, “F— off!” Before yelling, “You can all f— off,” and striking a male flight attendant. He then tried to hug a female flight attendant.

With nowhere to divert the plane due to Covid shutdowns, the captain opted for a full-throttle approach, arriving in Manchester 25 minutes ahead of schedule. Though terrified of the unruly passenger and his refusal to mask up, many onboard the flight were happy to have made such good time.

“On arrival, he was arrested by police and caused damage to the police van by banging his head against the door and windows,” Manchester prosecutor Janice Vallancee said.

After sobering up in a holding cell and pleading guilty to the charges, Hendry admitted he couldn’t remember much of what had taken place on the flight. Luckily, there’s a grainy video of the incident.

But even if there wasn’t, we’re pretty sure his girlfriend will keep remembering this moment for a long, long time.

Cover Photo: Emmanuel Aguirre (Getty Images)

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