What Is a ‘Covidiot’ and How to Know If You Are One (And What to Do If You Are)

Government officials and corporate media outlets have lied to us all our lives. For example, they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Likewise, they claimed handing out giant piles of cash to corrupt financial institutions would help everyday Americans. They even argued millennials are poor because they like avocado toast. Now the years of disinformation and domestic psyops are blowing back in a big way. Instead of sheltering in place, some people keep living their lives as if there’s not a coronavirus pandemic crippling the entire freakin’ world. The Twitterati has dubbed them “covidiots.”

What is a covidiot? Some define it as a person who ignores social distancing protocols and helps spread COVID-19. Others point to those building unnecessarily gigantic toilet paper castles in their bunkers. And a third camp thinks of it a bit like that old Jeff Foxworthy joke, the one that goes, “You might be a redneck if…” In this list, we explore 10 indications that you might be a covidiot.

Cover Photo: Sean Murphy (Getty Images)

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