10 Kinds of Shoppers You’ll Encounter (And Who Will Annoy the Hell Out of You) During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Grocery shopping is not what it used to be. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, you could leisurely peruse the aisles, sample food, and even flirt with fellow shoppers. Now, shopping feels like an Olympic-level contact sport. Everyone is out for blood. It’s like Black Friday and Groundhog’s Day had a bastard child that became the new normal for shopping. With delivery services overloaded, you’ll be forced to join the panicked throngs at least once a week. When you do, you’ll inevitably come across strong personalities that will make your shopping trip even more unpleasant than you thought it could be. These are 10 kinds of shoppers you’ll encounter (and who will annoy the hell out of you) during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cover Photo: urbazon (Getty Images)

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