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Airline Promises to Pay Funeral Costs If You Get COVID-19 In-Flight (But You’ll Be Dead So Who Cares)

Airlines are getting desperate for passengers – so desperate, in fact, that they’re offering unprecedented perks to those willing to risk their lives for travel.

Emirates airline recently announced that it will foot the bill for your funeral expenses if you contract COVID-19 in-flight. It’s a first-of-its-kind policy, doling out $1,765 per person for burial through NEXtCARE.

“We’re keeping you safe on the journey and giving you extra security wherever you are in the world,” the Dubai-based company said. If that were true, why the creepy offer to pay for your funeral? Also, if you croak, you won’t give AF about funeral costs. You’ll be dead. Mom can drop your body into a lake out of the back of a boat, Viking-style, for all you care.

This isn’t even Emirates’ first attempt to woo passengers back with morbid promises. It previously offered to pay passengers who get coronavirus from their flights up to $176,000 in medical expenses and a $118 per diem for two weeks for hotel quarantine accommodations.

It sounds generous and all, but if flying is this dangerous, maybe keep your feet on the ground instead – so you don’t end up 6 feet under it.

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