Flight Cut Short: Weird Airline Passenger Shaves Head Mid-Flight

Photo: Glow Images, Inc (Getty Images)

Air travel has become one of the most uncomfortable experiences one can have. From dealing with someone’s foul body odors to sitting beside emotional-support peacocks, flying is just the worst. Now you can add obnoxious haircutting airline passenger to the list of high-altitude irritations.

A video of a man shaving his head during a recent United Airlines flight has made its way around social media and it looks just as unhygienic as it sounds. The man is seen cutting his hair and no one, not even the flight attendants, do anything about it. Way to fail, everyone.

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The video was posted to an Instagram account called @passengershaming, which, if you get your scroll on with them, is a national treasure of air-travel nightmares put in photo and video format. It’s truly a must-follow if you’re looking to see dumpster fires that have connecting flights.

Making sure you’re well-groomed is all good but doing so in the middle of a crowded fight isn’t the same as being in your bathroom, you sick slob. If you really have to doll yourself up ahead of a meeting scheduled immediately after your flight, maybe just make the time to do it before you head to the gates. It’s called an airport, not a hair-port!

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