Frontier Airlines Passenger Allegedly Gropes Several Women Before Urinating On Seat

Photo: Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post (Getty)

I’m a firm believer of getting exactly what you pay for, but even for a Frontier Airlines flight, this is pretty ridiculous.

According to CBS Denver, a 45-year-old Boulder man was arrested Thursday after his Frontier flight leaving Denver arrived in Charleston. The reasons behind Michael Allen Haag’s arrest? You guessed it — he allegedly groped and harassed several women before being ushered to a seat toward the back of the plane. He then topped his own vile behavior by taking a piss on the seat in front of him.

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Photo: Charleston County

Another passenger on the plane named Emily claimed she saw Haag down two double vodka drinks that aided in leaving him “extremely intoxicated” and “out of his mind.” A short while later, Haag allegedly grabbed the woman sitting next to him, leading to the first of several vulgar outbursts from concerned passengers.

“I hear a woman scream, ‘If this man fucking touches me one more time I’ll fucking kill him,'” Emily said.

Haag then allegedly groped a woman who was sleeping on the flight and asked another female passenger about her “sexual and marital life.” All this finally led to him being taken to a seat near the back of the plane in the same row as Emily. She said flight attendants warned her to move to another seat if he tried to molest her, but it wasn’t long before he was touching himself because he had to pee.

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Emily actually captured the NSFW moment Haag began urinating on the seat in front of him instead of in the lavatory, and you can see him in full stream right here. According to her, more disheartening than Haag giving the seat in front of him a golden shower was the fact flight attendants were more concerned with her screaming than his urinating.

“And I scream, ‘He’s fucking peeing. He’s peeing. Oh my God.’ And the flight attendant doesn’t even acknowledge him at first. [The attendant] acknowledges me and says you need to calm down and stop cursing,” she said.

Thankfully for everybody onboard who had to experience Michael Haag’s shitdickery, they had the pleasure of seeing him led away in handcuffs after landing in Charleston. He was charged with interfering with a flight crew as well as indecent exposure.