Mandatory Staff Picks: Comfort Movies to Keep You Calm During Your Coronavirus Quarantine

Has coronavirus panic hit your hometown yet? As the outbreak continues the spread, countless public places and events across the globe are shutting their doors, which could mean only one thing: It’s time for comfort movies to lull us into distraction and make everything better until this terrible party ends.

While Disney parks are closing and big-time Hollywood films are getting their releases delayed, the rest of humanity is hoarding toilet paper, stockpiling canned food like it’s Y2K and buying face masks like they’re living in an apocalyptic film. Here are 10 common comfort films to watch while waiting out the spread of coronavirus, lest we dwell on the horror that is life at this moment. But then again, it’s the media, so it’s our job to terrify you whenever possible. Stay safe out there.

Cover Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Contributor

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