Airlines Have Canceled In-Flight Alcohol, There Goes Our Only Motivation For Flying

Flying used to be the best way to travel. It was efficient, comfortable enough, and best of all, you could drink for the duration of your flight! Well, the days of flying the friendly skies are gone. Thanks to coronavirus, you’re now required to wear a face mask on most flights. Flights are also filling up faster because each aircraft is carrying fewer passengers. And now, to add insult to injury, many airlines have ceased serving alcohol on domestic flights.

Yes, travel is now a more sobering experience than ever. (*Shudder.*) Airlines are curbing food and drink service because they want passengers to keep their masks on and they need to limit the amount of interaction between flight attendants and fliers. That means you’ll be lucky to even get water. (And it won’t be offered; you’ll have to ask for it.) No more cans of beer, tiny bottles of booze, or bloody mary mixes while you’re up in the air, unless you’re on an international flight (because no one should have to be lucid while flying over the ocean).

If you’re flying domestic, you’ll either have to get your buzz on before you board or plan for a full-on binge at an airport bar when you land. Better yet: just stay on (ahem) dry land, where your neighborhood liquor stores are always open and where your glass never runs dry.

Cover Photo: AlexBrylov (Getty Images)

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