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Toilet Paper Alternatives to Cover Your Ass During the Coronavirus Panic

First they came for the surgical masks. Then it was the hand sanitizer. Now there’s a run on toilet paper. Why people think stocking up on TP will defeat the coronavirus, we don’t know, but it’s the most coveted item on the market today, with several chains in the U.S. and Canada selling out completely of the personal hygiene product – even the cheap, sandpaper kind. The stores that do have it in stock have imposed purchase limits so you can’t hoard all the Charmin in your parents’ basement.

But don’t worry, because money truly can buy anything, and there are always third-party sellers on Amazon primed to make a buck (or more like double what they paid) and sell you enough rolls to last until the outbreak ends. If you can’t afford triple-digit toilet paper prices, fret not, because there are plenty of similar products that you can substitute for your beloved quilted toilet tissue. These are the toilet paper alternatives you need to cover your ass during the coronavirus panic.

Cover Photo: Darren Fast (Getty Images)

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