California Mom Hides Toilet Paper From 26-Year-Old Son, Gets Punched

We’re as concerned as the next panic shopper about the toilet paper shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic. But we’d never come to blows over a roll of two-ply. If only the same could be said about a 26-year-old California man who allegedly punched his mother because of a Charmin-related dispute.

Adrian Yan was arrested earlier this week in Saugus after an argument with his mother over his use of toilet paper turned violent. According to a spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Yan’s mother hid the toilet paper because she thought her son was using too much. The situation escalated and after the mother placed a citizen’s arrest on him, he punched her. Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about the altercation around 3 a.m. on Monday and took Yan into custody. Luckily, his mother’s injuries didn’t warrant further medical attention.

While domestic abuse incidents have risen across the country due to shelter-in-place policies, this was the first time in the area that such a disturbance was spawned by toilet paper tension. Sure, hiding the TP is a crappy thing to do, especially when ass wipes are in short supply, but it’s far shittier to beat up your mom. We hope this man-baby doesn’t get to go back home to mommy, because what he really deserves is his own private toilet in a jail cell — where the TP is sure to be in even shorter supply than at home and definitely isn’t quilted for comfort.

Cover Photo: Biserka Stojanovic (Getty Images)

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