Khloe Kardashian TPs Sister’s House During Pandemic, Somebody Please Arrest This Crap Family

Most of us have had trouble acquiring toilet paper at some point during the coronavirus pandemic. Not Khloe Kardashian. She appears to have a plentiful supply. (In case you were wondering what fame and fortune can buy you!) How do we know she has ass wipes in abundance? Because she TP’d her sister Kourtney’s mansion – with the help of Kourtney’s son, Mason. Talk about a shitty thing to do, not just anytime but especially during a nationwide TP shortage.

“I haven’t had this much excitement in months,” Khloe bragged on social media, where images were posted of her asinine act (which she described as “actually genius”). “This is what Mason and Koko do when they have a sleepover.”

Social media users railed against the wastefulness, especially given that everyday folks have been struggling to purchase even one pack of Charmin. As for Kourtney, she’s sworn revenge. We just hope she doesn’t use scarce resources to carry it out. Because if there’s one thing we know, bullshit runs in the family.

Cover Photos: JMA/Star Max / Contributor and Spiderstock (Getty Images)

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