This Coronavirus-Fighting Device Guarantees You’ll Wash Your Hands Long Enough, If You Finally Decide to Wash Them at All

Coronavirus is trending — and not in a good way. The only way to beat the outbreak back is to wash your hands frequently and for longer than five seconds. Two rounds of the “happy birthday” song should do it (though don’t sing aloud unless you want to scare off everyone around you). Instead of belting out a tune over the sink, there’s now a device designed to let you know when to stop washing your hands, and you can own it for the low, low price of $1,200.

It’s called the Hand Wash Coach and in recent weeks, restaurants have begun installing it to make sure their workers wash their hands long enough to actually clean them. It’s timed so you can’t decide your hands are spotless and grime-free before this potentially blood-thirsty robot decides they are. It even gives step-by-step instructions on how to wash your filthy paws. Yes, this soon-to-be ruthless and sentient killing machine will tell you when exactly to wet your hands, add soap, rub them, and finally rinse and dry them. It also uses optical sensors to track when and how often each worker washes their hands.

Sure, we’ll be free of viruses, but at what cost? This robot will have all of our eyes on file with free reign to use them in the future as they see fit. We’ll keep our money and stick to the “happy birthday” song.

Photo: Charday Penn (Getty Images)

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