Woman's hands washing a reusable cloth face mask with a bar of soap in a white porcelain sink

10 Stupid Ways to Wash Your Mask, Assuming You’re Smart Enough to Wear One

Remember when face masks weren’t a part of our daily lives? Yeah, we can’t either. At this point in the pandemic, they’ve become as essential as our phones. We can’t leave the house without them. But because we’re wearing them more often than any other accessory we own (not even our Apple watches get this much use!), they also need to be cleaned regularly.

Coronavirus can live on cotton for up to seven days. That means that in order to be effective, your mask should get washed at least once a day. (If you’re going in and out of your house multiple times daily, you should wear a clean mask each time.) How do you keep it clean so it can do its job? Well, there’s one effective way – and a lot of stupid methods. Read on to find out which is which.

Cover Photo: Joan Manel Moreno (Getty Images)

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The only tried-and-true method of keeping your mask clean? The old-fashioned washer and dryer. Use hot water in the former and the highest heat setting with the latter. Do it daily and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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