LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 31: Howie Mandel is seen on March 31, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by CROWN MEDIA/MEGA/GC Images)

The Mandatory Mask-Hole Photo Challenge: Is the Maskless Person Vaccinated or Just an Inconsiderate Prick?

We’ve entered a strange new phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Before Covid vaccines were available, it was prudent to assume that anyone and everyone you came into contact with could potentially get you sick. Now that the vaccination rollout has been underway for a while (albeit at a snail’s pace), some 109 million Americans have had at least one dose of the vaccine and 64 million are fully protected against the deadly virus.

But how do you know who is safe or not? It’s not like a forehead tattoo indicating “Safe to interact with!” comes with your vaccination. (Though come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea…are you listening, Biden?)

Complicating matters is that some states have relaxed their mask mandates, prompting the question: is that unmasked person you see out and about eschewing PPE because they got a shot in the arm? Or are they just a mask-hole?

We rounded up a group of recent paparazzi pics that show certain celebrities going about their business in public, sans masks. Can you guess which ones are simply confident in their vaccination status and which ones are careless and potentially spreading disease? Take the Mandatory Photo Challenge and find out!

(Spoiler alert: There is no answer key because we have no way of knowing when someone is eligible to be vaccinated and/or if they elect to do so.)

Cover Photo: Photo: MEGA / Contributor (Getty Images)

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