Birthday Cakes

25 Terribly Unfortunate (But Hilarious) Birthday Cakes For an Unforgettably Awkward Celebration

The whole point of having a birthday is to binge on cake. It’s a lifelong tradition that makes getting older worth it. If you’re lucky, a friend or family members orders that cake from a bakery or bakes it themselves for you (though we personally prefer when the professionals do it). Sometimes, though, the cake-giver’s good intentions of celebrating you in style with something sweet veer into inappropriate or embarrassing territory. When that happens, an image inevitably ends up making the rounds on social media. That’s where we found these 25 terribly unfortunate (but hilarious) birthday cakes. If you want to make your next birthday party unforgettably awkward, make sure you request one of these jaw-dropping pastry designs.

Cover Photo: Pinterest

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