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Meanwhile in Minnesota: Cake-Loving 3-Year-Old Asks For ‘Lion King’ Birthday Surprise Depicting Mufasa’s Death So Guests Would Be ‘Too Sad to Eat’

Courtney Love of Hole isn’t the only one who wants to be “the girl with the most cake.” A 3-year-old sweet tooth from Minnesota also wanted dibs on the dessert – and came up with a devious way to make sure she got more than her fair share.

Her name is Leona, and while planning her birthday celebration, she had an unusual request. Instead of a standard “Hakuna Matata” confection featuring Simba, Timone and Pumba, The Lion King fan wanted a cake design that depicted Mufasa’s death. Her reasoning behind this request? So that “everyone will be too sat to eat the cake and it will all be for me.” (Clever girl.)

Thankfully, there was a local bakery called Thirsty Whale that was more than happy to accommodate the little girl’s request – in fact, they provided suggestions for its execution. The ensuing pastry captured the moment Scar allows Mufasa to fall off the edge of a cliff. Young Simba is poised at the top of the cake, looking down at his dead dad, who is splayed on his side on the cake board. Claw marks adorn the edge of the round cake.

Leona’s uncle, Casey Feigh, posted pics of the edible – if morbid – art, and they went viral.

Twitter users loved the morbid masterpiece, and even offered up some more odd birthday cake requests from their kids.

But the important thing is how Leona felt about the finished product. According to Today, she loved it. What we don’t know is: did her plan to hog The Lion King cake work?

Cover Photo: @caseyfeigh (Twitter)



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