Meanwhile in New Jersey: Family’s Cake-Flipping Tradition Goes Viral (Don’t Try This at Home)

Many families have traditions that are essential to any get-together – but this one flips any and all traditions you’ve ever heard of on its head. Literally. You could say it takes the cake.

The clan in question lives in Colts Neck, New Jersey. They’ve gone viral on TikTok for their videos of tossing all kinds of pastries – from sheet cakes and cheesecakes to pies and cookie and ice cream cakes – into the air and catching them.

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“If there’s a cake at any of our family parties, we just have to flip it,” Taylor Carney told the New York Post. “There’s no way a cake can just sit there on the counter. Like, we have to flip it. It’s an extreme sport.”

Since the family started this tradition three years ago, they’ve flipped over 50 cakes. How many of those ended up on the floor is unknown, but if you dare try this sugary sweet feat at home, there are a few tips to help you pull it off.

Brian Matuszewski, Carney’s cousin and the family member credited with starting the gravity-defying food tradition, says that rectangular store-bought pastries on their original cardboard backing are the best for beginning cake flippers. You’ll also need a shit-ton of confidence.

“You can’t be tentative because being hesitant can cause you to either get a weak rotation or too much rotation on the flip,” he said. “You gotta hold it with both hands on either side of the cake…and then tap into your best hand-eye coordination skills to catch it.”

If you’re a hard-core cake lover, make sure you have a backup dessert just in case your buttercream creation ends up going kersplat. And if you successfully flip your cake? Watch out. This just might end up becoming your new obsession.

Cover Photo: @thebigdognation20 (TikTok)