Meanwhile on TikTok: Woman Goes Viral With Office Pranks and Co-Worker’s Terrified Reactions

Now that the pandemic has ebbed, many workers are returning to their offices (or, for the less fortunate of us, our cubicles). One of the biggest perks of returning to the work environment is the endless opportunities for office pranks – and a pair of colleagues in Rochester, New York is taking full advantage – and become TikTok famous for it.

Jenelle Brennan and Julie English are employed at the Marino Law Group. Brennan has an affinity for scaring English by shouting “Julie!” and filming her hilariously sensitive startle response. Check out a few of their videos and watch as English practically flies out of her seat every time Brennan pops by:

@jenellebrennHappy FriYAY! ##fyp ##foryoupage ##lovelanguage♬ original sound – Jenelle

@jenellebrennShe loves me ##fyp♬ original sound – Jenelle

@jenellebrennLet’s make these scares viral ##fyp♬ original sound – Jenelle

@jenellebrenn##scaringyourcoworkers ##scaringcoworkers ##foryoupage ##fyp ##tiktok ##viral ##trending ##comedy ##funny ##shelovesme♬ original sound – Jenelle

You’d think English would’ve installed a convex mirror outside her office by now. Who knows, maybe she likes being spooked.

“I don’t know what it is,” English told Buzzfeed. “Every day I try to be prepared. I try to pay attention when it’s quiet in the office. Like, maybe I think she’s going to scare me. I try to pay attention. And it never ceases. As soon as I start paying attention and start doing my work and it’s quiet, it never fails. She gets me every single time.”

Brennan insists she wouldn’t continue to terrify English if she were asked to stop or if this were against company policy. But the two ladies are buddies, and they’re apparently having fun with both the pranks themselves and the online audience they’ve built.

“I can’t even lie,” English told Buzzfeed. “I think it’s hysterical when other people get scared. I grew up doing it to my mom, and even when my kids were coming up, I would scare them all the time. So maybe it’s just karma, I guess.”

We’d definitely rather be the scarer than the scare-ee, but we totally get it. You have to liven up the office environment somehow, right?

Cover Photo: @jenellebren (TikTok)