Fisher-Price Wants to Subject Children to Zoom Meetings With New Home Office For Kids From Hell

Photo: Fisher-Price

In the last year, the typical office job has made a dramatic change. Instead of chatting by the watercooler with coworkers, we talk to ourselves while we rifle through the open fridge. Instead of showering and getting dressed in a suit and tie, we run a comb through our hair and hide our sweatpants by throwing on a dress shirt up top. Lastly, instead of meetings in the conference room, we spend our days Zooming with our coworkers using the magic of the internet. And now, thanks to Fisher-Price, our kids can now join us in this new Zoom-filled world.

It’s called the Fisher-Price Home Office and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The playset comes with a wooden laptop and four different fabric-based “apps” that attach to the screen. This is to create the illusion that your toddler is working on various projects on their computer from the comfort of their home.

But it wouldn’t be a legit home office if there weren’t a few more items to complete the whole setup. That’s why the set also includes a wooden pretend smartphone and a headset so kids can take their “important business calls.” On top of all of this, it comes with a “to-go cup” so the kids can enjoy a faux cup of joe work from home.

Sadly, while this playset is close to perfecting a toddler version of working from home, it lacks one major addition: sweatpants. Without a nice, cozy pair of sweatpants to tuck your dress shirt into are you really actually working from home at all?

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