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Meanwhile in Colombia: Teenaged Girl Fights Off 3 Armed Robbers With Machete, Slashes Her Way Into Our Hearts

Unlike some people who don’t know how to respond in the face of a crisis, one heroic 14-year-old knew exactly what to do. It happened inside a small convenience store in Bogota, Colombia when three men armed with pistols sauntered inside to rob the place. With no one to stop them but a young mother and her two small children, it looked as though this would be an easy score. Little did they know who they were messing with.

When the lead robber reached the kiosk door and began prying it open, the 14-year-old girl sprang into action. In a scene straight out of Mulan, she quickly grabbed a machete hiding under the counter and fearlessly charged the assailant, slashing him and his buddies into full-blown retreat. The three grown-ass men were so frightened by the child’s counter-offensive they shrieked “Let’s go, let’s go! We can’t do it here!” as they fled the store.

Check out the amazing video below:

Speaking to local media after the incident, the girl explained that it, “wasn’t the first, nor the second time that this happened, so I already had it in mind that if something happened, I’d get the machete and get them.”

Unfortunately, her matter-of-fact statement is symbolic of the sad state of affairs inside another country suffering from the economic woes of the pandemic. In Colombia’s capital, incidents of burglary and petty crime have gone way up in 2020. And while no one is sure when life will return to normal, we can all agree that robbing innocent people is a cowardly way to make ends meet. We hope Bogota’s criminals take a hint from this courageous teen and learn how to prepare for the worst, so they can handle it like a champ when it walks in the door.

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