Meanwhile in Idaho: Lucky Man Wins Lottery 6 Times Now, Suddenly Everyone’s Favorite Guy Coincidentally

Winning the lottery is one of the best feelings in the world. Because adding boatloads of free money to an otherwise humdrum day can really lift your mood. Annoyingly, while most of us will never taste the sheer joy this experience brings, one lucky Idaho man knows the flavor all too well now that he’s won the lottery for a whopping sixth time. At a cool $250,000, the latest in Bryan Moss’s adventures in winning is also his biggest take yet.

And while Bryan’s win may seem like a coincidence, so is the fact that everyone in town now wants to be his friend (in a completely unrelated phenomenon). Maybe that’s because he happens to be the braggiest six-peat lotto winner this side of the Mississippi and who doesn’t love a braggart.

“I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools,” Moss gloated in a statement. “That’s why I really play.

In the history of the Idaho state lottery, nearly a billion dollars in dividends has gone to support public schools and the Permanent Building Fund, adding a significant boost to state infrastructure. And while some critics argue that he’s hogging all the winnings, Moss plans to continue dominating the lottery, boasting once more of how much he’s aided public schools. Kudos to you, Señor Moss, your smug sixth victory is well deserved. Good luck on number seven.

Cover Photo: Charlie Schuck (Getty Images)

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