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Man Wins Powerball Jackpot Twice in One Day, Likely to Offer Serious Cash to Anyone With Toilet Paper

Talk about a lucky bastard. A man known only as “Joe B” cashed in this week in Pueblo, Colorado, after winning two $1 million Powerball jackpots last month – on the same day! On the morning of March 25, Joe B stopped into a 7-Eleven for a few Powerball plays. Later that evening, he made another pitstop at the perfectly-named Loaf N’ Jug for a few more plays. His strategy for the past 30 years has been to play the same set of numbers as well as a couple of Quick Picks, and it finally paid off. The winning tickets that day were his lucky numbers: 5-9-27-39-42.

When Joe B picked up his checks at the Colorado Lottery drive-thru, staff asked what his plans were for the cool $2 million. “The boss has plans for it,” he said. And by “boss,” he meant his wife. We’re guessing they’ll buy all the toilet paper. It’s what any rational person with too much cash on their hands would do.

Cover Photo: Colorado Lottery

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