Man Cleans Out Truck For First Time In Months And Finds Powerball Ticket Worth $50K

Photo: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

What’s better than cleaning out your Chevy S-10 for the first time in months and finding a half-pack of Marb Reds and a roll of quarters? Not much, but we’re pretty sure that a Powerball ticket worth $50,000 does the trick.

According to UPI, that’s exactly what happened to an Independence man when he decided to clean out his truck last week.

Jason Jacobs told Missouri Lottery officials that he found three Powerball tickets from January 24 as he was cleaning out his truck, so he decided to take them to his local QuikTrip to see if they were worth anything. At first, Jacobs and his wife said they were confused because the self-scanner showed the message “Claim at Lottery office.”

Well, that confusion soon turned to jubilation when they handed the ticket to the cashier, and she told them they had won a boatload of cash.

“So we took the ticket up to the register to have it checked, and the lady said, ‘Sir, you just won $50,000,'” Jacobs said. “My wife said, ‘Oh, my God, Jason! Oh, my God, Jason!'”

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Jacobs then double-checked to make sure the winning ticket hadn’t expired before rushing over to the Missouri Lottery office to claim his prize. He said he and his wife will use the money for their child’s college fund and perhaps a family vacation, which is way better than the crapload of Marb Reds and rolls of quarters that I would buy with it.